Meet the LetsTalkLibrary

The LetsTalkLibrary is a source for online readings to accompany Let’s Talk: A Pocket Rhetoric, by Andrea Lunsford. Curated by Michal Brody, the site includes essays, videos, cartoons, speeches, and much more that will get students reading, listening, talking, and writing on issues they care about. Selections are searchable by genre, theme, and medium, and the library will be updated twice a year, adding selections on up-to-the-minute issues just in time for course planning. Each selection includes questions to think about, write about, and talk about—and a space where readers can comment or respond. In short, this is a library without “quiet” signs. Let’s talk!

Michal Brody

MICHAL BRODY is a linguist and independent scholar. She was a founding faculty member of the Universidad de Oriente in Yucatan, Mexico, and has taught in Communication Studies, English, and MATESOL at San Francisco State University and Sonoma State University. Her scholarly interests center on language pedagogy and language politics in the United States and Mexico. She’s co-author of What’s Language Got to Do with It?The Little Seagull Handbook, and Everyone’s an Author.

Let’s Talk
A Pocket Rhetoric

Lets Talk is a pocket-sized rhetoric that covers everything teachers and students need for reading, writing, and research—all with a focus on listening, curiosity, good will, and civility. 

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