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Simge Andı. How and Why Do Consumers Access News on Social Media? Reuters Institute.
Argument, Report. What’s News? Image.
Andscape/Getty Images. The Realities of WBNA Stars Who Play Abroad. Andscape.
Report. Sports. Image, Text.
Kwame Anthony Appiah. The Case for Capitalizing the B in Black. The Atlantic.
Argument. Language. Text.
Associated Press. The Bootleg Fire, the Nation’s Biggest, Gives Scientists an Unexpected Experiment. NPR.
Report. Nature. Text.
Sue Burke. Trees of Knowledge. Slate.
Report. Nature. Text.
Deborah Cameron. Women of Letters. Language: A Feminist Guide.
Analysis. Language. Text.
Hector D. Cantú and Carlos Castellanos. Baldo Cartoon: Text Punctuation. GoComics.
Argument. Language. Image.
Nicholas Carr. How to Fix Social Media. New Atlantis.
Argument. What’s News? Text.
Carvana. Car Vending Machine. YouTube. Argument. The New Normal. Video.
Shraddha Chakradhar. A New Report Shows the Impact of Racial Justice Protests in 2020 on Three Local Newspapers. Nieman Lab.
Report. Language, What’s News? Text.
Chloe Coleman. Don’t Look Away: Photojournalists Are Documenting the Brutality of Russia’s War in Ukraine. Nieman Lab.
Argument. What’s News? Text.
Gemma Correll. Just Girly Things. The Nib.
Argument, Report. Inequities. Image, Text.
Renée DiResta. How Online Mobs Act Like Flocks of Birds. Noema.
Analysis. Nature, What’s News? Text.
Drum Battles. Drumline Battle | Army vs Air Force (Who Won?). YouTube.
Argument. Sports. Video.
Jamie Ducharme. The “Great Resignation” Is Finally Getting Companies to Take Burnout Seriously. Is It Enough? TIME.
Argument, Analysis. The New Normal. Text.
Emojipedia. Emoji Statistics. Emojipedia.
Report. Language. Image, Text.
Sarah Enelow-Snyder. How We Tell Stories in Texas. The Bitter Southerner.
Argument, Narrative. Inequities. Text.
Caitlin Gibson. Blowing Out Candles Is Basically Spitting on Your Friends’ Cake. Will We Ever Do It Again? The Washington Post.
Report. The New Normal. Text.
Maria Guardado. “Qué lo qué, papi”: Giants Bridge Cultural Gaps with Spanish Classes.
Report. Language, Sports. Text.
Joe Hanson. Why Is Blue So Rare in Nature? YouTube.
Analysis, Report. Nature. Video.
Virginia Heffernan. Metaphors Matter in a Time of Pandemic. Wired.
Argument. Language, The New Normal. Text.
Lauren Holiday. I’ve Stayed Silent for Way Too Long. The Players’ Tribune.
Narrative. Inequities. Text.
Mike Isaac. For Political Cartoonists, the Irony Was That Facebook Didn’t Recognize Irony. The New York Times.
Analysis, Report. Language. Text.
Patrik Jonsson. Goin’ Bananas: How a Minor League Team Got More Followers Than the Yankees. Christian Science Monitor.
Report. Sports. Text.
Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan Eulogy for Kobe Bryant (excerpt). Youtube.
Narrative. Sports. Video.
Joshua Kim. Amazon’s Warehouses, Bezos’s Worldview, and Elite Higher Education. Inside Higher Education.
Argument. Inequities. Text.
Gabriel Lesser. G Is for Gabi. Johns Hopkins News-Letter.
Narrative. Language. Text.
Mahina Maeda. What It Means to Be from Two Places at Once. Players’ Tribune.
Narrative. Sports. Text.
Nikiko Masumoto. Returning to My Family Farm Is About More Than Succession. It’s About Story. Civil Eats.
Narrative. Nature. Text.
Scott McDonald. NCAA Gender Inequity Cuts Deeper than Just Weight Room Issues at Tournament. Newsweek.
Argument, Report. Inequities, Sports. Text.
Brittney McNamara. The Science behind Social Media’s Hold on Our Mental Health. Teen Vogue.
Report. Language. Text.
Sam Miller. What Happens As Baseball Players Age?ESPN.
Report. Sports. Text.
Tracy Moore. How Covid-19 Gave Me Back My Southern Accent. The Washington Post.
Narrative. Language, The New Normal. Text.
A. Kirsten Mullen and William Darity Jr. Opinion | Evanston, Ill., Approved “Reparations.” Except It Isn’t Reparations. The Washington Post.
Argument, Analysis. Inequities. Text.
Leslie Nemo. How Do Dogs Sniff Out Diseases? Discover.
Analysis. Nature. Text.
Brian Oaster. How Place Names Impact the Way We See Landscape. High Country News.
Argument. Language. Text.
Meghan O’Gieblyn. Am I Wrong to Judge People for Talking to Me in Emoji? Wired.
Argument, Analysis. Language. Text.
Morgan Pace. Let’s Talk, Longhorns. The Daily Texan.
Argument. Inequities. Text.
PBS Wisconsin Education. Manoomin: Food that Grows on the Water. Youtube.
Argument, Narrative. Language, Nature. Video.

Tom Philpott. After a Century of Dispossession, Black Farmers Are Fighting to Get Back to the Land. Mother Jones.
Report. Inequities. Text.
Leonard Pitts Jr. True Compassion Is More Than Flinging a Coin to a Beggar. Daily Camera.
Argument. Inequities. Text.
Maria Ressa. Nobel Prize Lecture 2021. YouTube.
Argument. What’s News? Video.
Greg Rosalsky. Why Are So Many Americans Quitting Their Jobs? NPR.
Report. The New Normal. Text.
Michael Rosen. Breaking the Grass Ceiling: More Women Are Playing College Baseball Than Ever Before. Sports Illustrated.
Argument, Report. Inequities, Sports. Text.
Mary Schmich. Would Honey the Duck Come Back This Spring? Chicago Tribune.
Report, Narrative. Nature, The New Normal. Text.
Zoe Sottile. Yes, This New York County Actually Used the Crazy Spider Voting Sticker Design that You Saw Online. CNN.
Argument, Report. News. Image, Text.
Shira Telushkin. Making Gender-Neutral Emojis Is More Complicated Than You Think. Wired.
Report. Language. Text.
Ellen Wayland-Smith. Natural Magic. The American Scholar.
Report, Narrative. Nature. Text.
Steven Weinberg. The History of American Landscape Painting Is Not Pretty. Hyperallergic.
Argument. Nature. Graphic Essay, Image.
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan. Our Minds Aren’t Equipped for This Kind of Reopening. The Atlantic.
Analysis. The New Normal. Text.
Qing Zhang. A Profit-Sharing Proposal. LaGuardia Honors.
Argument. Inequities. Text.